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Where do you feel a sense of "home," Virgo? Whether you move to a new address, discover a favorite vacation spot, or deepen your emotional bonds, finds you craving deeper roots. This year, connecting from the heart could bring luck and new adventure. Shake off your perfectionism. Remember: It's your authenticity that makes people fall in love with you, not a polished public persona.

Luckily, iconoclastic Uranus is starting an eight-year visit to your outspoken ninth house this March, which will encourage you to go public with your wilder side.

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You'll also be inspired to take some big risks, like traveling to far-flung places or starting your own business. Love is an area of learning and transformation in , with structured Saturn, alchemical Pluto, three catalyzing eclipses, and at the end of the year Jupiter all in your fifth house of true love and passion. Bonds may be tested, but you'll become more emotionally resilient as you rise to any challenges. This year could bring a pregnancy or a move from the drama of infatuation into "mature love" that feels secure and satisfying in a different way.

In March, unpredictable Uranus ends a year shake-up of your committed relationship houses, which has made it hard to settle into a comfortable partnership groove—even for the happiest couples. Career isn't your primary focus this year, as the planets move through the more personal parts of your chart.

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You will, however, be preoccupied with what makes you feel happy and emotionally secure—and that includes what you do for a living. One of your many talents could attract fame later in the year. Tempestuous Uranus leaves your eighth house of shared finances in March, not to return in your lifetime.

If you've been on the fence about real estate or a major investment, whittling down debt or navigating financial fluctuations, things will start to level off.

A July eclipse in your collaborative 11th house could bring an exciting teamwork opportunity or take one of your original ideas viral. Self-care is the order of the day with abundant Jupiter in your nourishing and nurturing fourth house. Don't force yourself to be "on" because you'll crave more solitude and cozy downtime.

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You may also need to sort through some heavier emotions, but positive-thinker Jupiter could connect you to a life coach or mind-expanding workshop that reframes your perspective on the past. A Leo lunar eclipse on January 21 caps off a two-year series of changes around your health and wellness. Your closest ties are the main event this year as Jupiter brings major growth to your fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations.

This nostalgic phase is perfect for connecting with your roots or adding some new leaves to your family tree. It could be a nostalgic year for many Virgos that strengthens your bonds and gives you lots of opportunities to nest—perhaps even in a new home. Your relationship with your mother or a close female relative might evolve.

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As busy as you are, carve out time for soul-searching, as an eight-year phase of emotional and spiritual discovery will begin in March. Got a message to spread? Shout it from the rooftops—and the social media feeds. This year will favor all forms of communication: teaching, writing, learning, and media-making. Your domestic sphere is also highly active, and you could travel between towns in search of a new neighborhood to call home. Your relationship with a female relative could go through an important growth phase, or you may need to learn how to set firm boundaries with loved ones.

Lead with your heart, Libra! The planets are concentrated in Capricorn and your sentimental, security-minded fourth house. While you may have a few self-protective or jealous flare-ups, you're also learning what you need to feel "safe" in a relationship.

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Skip the silver-tongued small talk and your habit of disarming with charm. This year, you'll crave bonds that are deep enough to go the distance. With progressive Uranus in your erotic eighth house, you might get experimental in the boudoir or explore an unconventional arrangement. Add to that healing Chiron in your partnership zone, and there could be sudden marriages or breakups , but don't lose yourself to an all-consuming passion.

A rare doubleheader of Libra full moons in March and April will spark your desire for independence and remind you to keep your own needs firmly in the equation.

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Fire up the hype machine, Libra. You're emerging from a year of financial luck and growth in , and now it's time to build buzz, spread a message, and share your brilliance with the wider world. Whether you're job hunting or launching an indie venture, starting locally or through word-of-mouth will bring your best opportunities. The spotlight could summon this spring as back-to-back Libra full moons in March and April boost your solo ventures.

With planets packing into your foundational fourth house, security's also on your mind. Take concrete steps to build a nest egg and pay off debt. Unpredictable Uranus rocks your eighth house of windfalls, property, and joint ventures for the next seven years, so merging your superpowers with a super-partner might just yield an unexpected payoff.

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Self-care is the order of the day, as planets cluster in your fourth house of emotional foundations and nurturing. Slow down and spend time in the "yin" energy field with regular bodywork, beauty treatments, and bonding.

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  • Keep your tank full by eating nourishing foods and getting all the support you need. With jovial Jupiter in your friendly third house until December, your social life is on fire!

    Key Dates:

    From party hosting to party-hopping, you'll be quite the butterfly in New friends from different backgrounds and walks of life could open your mind to inspiring viewpoints. A profusion of planets in Capricorn and your domestic zone could revolutionize your family ties, helping you establish clear boundaries or make important decisions around real estate, children, or putting down roots.

    This year brings an interesting mix of stability and surprises to your love life. Your luckiest money year in over a decade is underway! Scorpio, you're in "builder" mode now, as brings a rush of productivity to your life. You could be offered a job with travel or relocation, or you might make some bold decisions to change your lifestyle. Shed outmoded habits and stick to simple and affirming routines.

    You'll become centered and confident, which could attract anything from a moneymaking opportunity to improved relationship prospects.

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    • Heads up: Prepare to attract and be attracted to people who are wildly different from your usual crowd. Friends who fearlessly flaunt their authenticity will inspire you to do the same. Growth-inducing Jupiter in your second house of security helps you see the magic in the mundane.

      Sharing the little things can feel like an adventure, and single Scorpios may be drawn to someone they'd previously overlooked as "boring. You could be drawn to a wildly different type of person, or you might crave more autonomy in your ties. Even if you end up in something super-steady, you'll find a way to keep things from getting too predictable!

      This could be one of your luckiest money years in over a decade, as abundant Jupiter visits Sagittarius and your second house of work and finances until December. You might relocate for a job, get a plum promotion, or start an entirely new career. But you can build a steady nest egg with consistent saving, conscious spending , and by putting a bit more away each week, no matter what your income. In January, a final Leo lunar eclipse may bring an exciting leadership opportunity or clarity around your path. In March, destabilizing Uranus exits your health and wellness zone, not to return again in your lifetime.

      Any fluctuations in your sleep, eating, or exercise cycles could taper off, and you'll find it easier to stick to routines. With disciplined Saturn in your mindful third house, pay attention to what you feed your head this year. As the saying goes, "thoughts become things," so keep the negative self-talk at bay with affirmations , personal growth workshops, and inspiring books and podcasts.

      The planets hold a cosmic convention in Capricorn and your social third house this year, which could bring new friendships and community involvement.

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