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This works out fine with Gemini, gifted in theatrics,but not with Pisces, who'll get sick of doing them favors.

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Virgo : Their stinginess. Virgo counts their pennies. No way will they go in the red. They're careful with their emotions; they don't feel like being taken for a ride. They're stingy with their feelings, as you can never be too careful. Life with them is as joyful as a retirement savings plan. This works well with Capricorn, who can show Virgo a thing or two about planning for the future,but not with Libra, who's careless with money. Their humdrum side. Ah, Virgo is so nice, so proper.

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And yet, even if it's practical, and comforting in daily life, it's still not very fun. Passion to the rescue! Be careful Sex, for well-being, and a glass of carbonated water to celebrate! This works well with Taurus, who hates being jostled about, but this but is a no-go with Sagittarius, who is too bold to stay idle.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18): Orange Wine

Their nit-picking side. Unable to look at the whole, they get stuck on the details and make a big deal out of nothing.

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They're the type to check that the stove is off ten times and that the alarm is set. The worst part is that they can instill this constant worry in even the coolest of heads - thanks for the gift! This is fine with Scorpio, who is more tormented than they look, but not with Aquarius, who can see past their own nose. Their incapacity to improvise. How does taking off for the weekend, on a whim, sound?

Which hotel? With who? What's the plan? Without a precise plan, they'll lose it. Without a definite organization, they get nervous. And, what's more, they don't even have all their vaccinations up to date This works well with Cancer, who likes be comfortable,but not with Sagittarius, who is ready to set up camp anywhere they go. Their fussiness. Shoes go in this drawer, the chair has to be perpendicular to the coffee table. Everything has its place and must be put away properly, in order, and sterilized.

Enough to ask the person they share their life with not to stain their beautiful decor. This works with Libra, who is immaculate without even trying, but not with impulsive Aries. Libra : Their desire to seduce. Not necessarily to sleep with someone. Deep down, that doesn't really interest them that much, but just to feel that they're still wanted, and that if they wanted, all they'd have to do is snap their fingers to have a stack of conquests at their feet.

Almost to a pathological level. It goes to show you've got to have a strong stomach. This works with Gemini, who is very good at flirting, but not with Scorpio, who's too possessive to put up with it. Their tardiness. They always have to be the last one to show up. That's just how it is, and how their narcissism shows through.

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Making people wait and being wanted are the privileges the star they believe to be get to enjoy. This works with Leo, who also likes to have an effect, but not with Virgo, who doesn't find it funny! Their indecisiveness. Cheese or dessert? Heads or tails? Tea or coffee? Making a decision, even a small or insignificant one, stresses them out.

Making a choice implies passing up something else that could be better or more interesting. An hour later, and they're still at it This works with ever-fickle Pisces, but not with Aries, who can't stand waiting. Their inability to say no. They're the champion of the maybe, the most likely, the innuendo, which lets on that things will actually get done - maybe This is fine with Capricorn, who takes control, but not with Cancer, who's driven crazy by this wishy-washiness.

Their lack of involvement in household chores.

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Handling daily duties? Don't bet on it! Though they appreciate having an immaculate home, they'll never stoop to picking up a broom. Get their hands dirty? This works with Virgo, who'll do all the scrubbing anyway,but not with Pisces, who's messy enough.

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Scorpio : Their sadistic side. Scorpio has the lack of hitting people's sore spots hard. Being able to quickly pick up on a person's shortcomings, they have no scruples about exploiting them to their own benefit and to manipulate their victim. What's worse, it's when they're being nice that you have to watch out. This works with Aries, who'll knock them in the head, but not with Cancer - they'll be a puddle! Their excess. When they eat, they really eat.

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  • When they drink, they drink, and when they need sex, they consume it greedily. Capable of losing their sense in every way, they often push things really or too far. Scorpio only feels alive by surpassing their own limits - to the point of no return.

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    This is fine with Taurus, who themselves are very sensual and enjoy the good things in life, but is a no-go with Aquarius, who, in comparison to Scorpio, is almost asexual. They only think of themselves, their pleasure, their interests. When it does seem that they're taking others into consideration, they actually have ulterior motives.

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