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In time, they learn enough to become teachers with a cause and missionaries that are to incorporate their life's philosophy into lives of those around them. Celestobarite is a crystal that combines barium and strontium suphates, giving it the exact colorful image that pleases the nature of people born on March 18th. It is a stone that will cleanse the solar plexus chakra and help one find their grounding, while at the same time soothing the powerful energies from their inner world as they start to rise.

It is used for the highest good and brings balance to the entire system of the person wearing it. This stone is also known to cut through all sorts of barriers, taking you beyond your safety realm and into new adventures of life. A gift for a person born on the 18th of March may be anything from sports equipment to colorful candles they will use. It is very good to find ways to connect their inner Fire with the natural element of Water they belong to.

Go with something they are passionate about and inspire them to pursue these feelings. If you don't know them that well, their ideal gift is something to give light. Energetic, forceful and willing to bravely jump into new things, they are the innovators among Pisces and those who are always willing to go into battle for their strong beliefs.

Conflicted, out of balance and selfish, they easily forget the ways of their heart just to reach the perfect image they wish to create. Pisces - traits, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information. Pisces man - information and insights on the Pisces man.

Pisces woman - information and insights on the Pisces woman. Pisces compatibility - the compatibility of Pisces with the other astrological signs in love, sex, relationships and life. Pisces history - the history of Pisces and the stories behind it. Pisces symbol - images and interpretations of the Pisces symbol and ruler.

Time management is a bit of a challenge this December, but you're keen to spend as much time with family as possible.

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With Jupiter moving into your family zone on December 2nd, it's the ideal time to expand your home - or even to expand your family! If you don't want more children, think about welcoming a new rescue pet. When the Sun squares Neptune on December 8th, your personal organization may let you down, with details lost or confused or something simply not done through lack of time. However, Mercury arrives in your intelligence zone on the following day, giving you a chance to redeem the situation.

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The Full Moon on December 11th relates in some way to a trip or travel adventure you've had recently, from which the lessons are just becoming clear. When Mars trines Neptune on December 13th, good financial news sweetens the pill at work, even though this may mean taking on fresh responsibilities.

Again, time management is an issue, especially as the festive season draws closer. Use the Jupiter-Uranus trine's inspirational energy on December 15th to re-arrange your priorities, perhaps with help from the extended family. The Solar Eclipse on December 25th is in your family zone, so events on that day may prompt you to seek a more permanent balance in your working life. Another encouraging trine, this time from Mercury to Uranus, sees out the year, so on December 30th you may find an innovative solution.

This December, education and communication are both important, especially once Jupiter shifts into this zone of your chart on December 2nd. Without clear communication on your part, aspects like the tricky Sun-Neptune square on December 8th will be more difficult to navigate. This energy brings arguments and confusion over money, but fortunately on December 9th Mercury moves into your money zone, so you will be able to explain yourself more clearly. If you have been over-spending, however, expect trouble around the time of the Full Moon on December 11th. A creative Mars-Neptune trine on December 13th is the perfect time to show off your skills - and to start a new course to increase those skills still further.

You have an under-used flair for drama, so something theatrical would fit the bill nicely. A few days later, a very fortunate Jupiter-Uranus trine brings you closer than ever to your sweetheart, through shared promises and dreams. With Venus moving into your family zone on December 19th, the festive week looks set to be very harmonious and loving. There is, however, a Solar Eclipse on December 25th, in your communication and education zone.

It's time to stop doubting yourself and to come clean to others about what you really want - both in terms of your professional goals and your personal life. Ask for what you need and seek help where required.

Find Your Mercury Sign – Star Sign Style

The good news is that your relationship and your special someone is very supportive of your ideas, and the lovely Mercury-Uranus trine on December 30th shows how you can successfully work together. Jupiter bounds into your money zone on December 2nd, promising an abundant year ahead during which you can accumulate many good things. Before this energy has a chance to take hold, however, you may face family criticism on December 8th, when the Sun squares Neptune, and this may well affect your self-esteem.

Mercury moves into your own sign the following day, so use logic and reason to defend yourself rather than relying on emotion. Your lover may be feeling the pressure from family too, however, and the Full Moon on December 11th could prompt a mini showdown in your love life.

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The Mars-Neptune trine on December 13th is both healing and inspirational, so put anger behind you; reach out and forgive. You've learned lessons from the past and you know that holding a grudge helps nobody. A couple of days later on December 15th, the very positive Jupiter-Uranus trine brings very good financial news and this feel-good factor will start to trickle through to other areas of life too. On December 25th, the Solar Eclipse occurs in your money zone. Fears about how much you've spent during this festive season will be eclipsed by excitement as you figure out new ways to increase your income and your wealth.

It may be the holidays, but your plans are taking hold and you're itching to get started.

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  5. Look for more positive energy from a Mercury-Uranus trine on December 30th, which will set you well on your way. December this year is a landmark in your personal growth, starting with the arrival of generous Jupiter in your own sign on December 2nd. Jupiter was last here from - and my goodness, you've had a journey since then.

    Capricorn Weekly Astrology Video March 18-25 2013

    Now it's time to consolidate all that you have learned. Your leadership skills in particular are improving - put them to good use on December 8th when the Sun squares Neptune and someone's lies or secrets unravel. What you say and how you handle this can make or break the situation. Mercury's arrival in your spiritual zone on December 9th will help you to take a compassionate approach, but the Full Moon in your work zone on December 11th suggests that someone will need much firmer guidance.

    On December 13th, a creative trine between Mars and Neptune showcases your ability to work for the common good, and this is an excellent time to get involved with charity or a community venture. A few days later, when Jupiter trines Uranus, it's your creative ideas and leadership which gets and important project off the ground at last.

    Weekly Horoscope: July 15 - 21

    Venus moves into your luxury zone on December 19th so your festivities this year are likely to be as lavish as you can afford. However, on December 25th the Solar Eclipse is in your own sign. Events on this day show that you must put others first for a while, ahead of your own interests. Doing so will greatly further your own spiritual growth, especially during the inspirational Mercury-Uranus trine on December 30th.

    Compassion and spirituality are key themes in your December and there could be plenty of psychic insights too. Jupiter moves into your spirituality zone on December 2nd, suggesting the start of a year-long quest researching the mysteries of life. Don't get so swept away with mysticism that you ignore the practicalities of life, however - on December 8th in particular, a difficult Sun-Neptune square reminds you that someone still has to take out the trash and pick up the kids.

    The Full Moon on December 11th is also a reminder of your responsibilities - and this one probably comes with an emotional price tag. Good financial and career news does a great deal to lift your spirits, especially on December 13th when Mars trines Neptune and you are able to turn your work into something much more meaningful.

    A very positive Jupiter-Uranus trine on the 15th brings flashes of psychic insight, intuition or instinct which may feel quite strange at first - but these are here to stay, so get used to them. The arrival of Venus in your own sign on December 19th boosts your confidence a little with this, so you won't feel quite so weird - but it's the Solar Eclipse in your spiritual zone on December 25th which really wows. Strange experiences on this date may well stay with you forever. Learn to embrace the unseen and the mystical as you look towards You may have felt isolated in recent months, but as bountiful Jupiter moves into your social zone on December 2nd, all that is about to end.

    New social opportunities abound - you only have to say yes to them. A tricky Sun-Neptune square on December 8th highlights how your work and career have led, at times, to loneliness. However, with Mercury moving into your career zone on December 9th, you'll start to network more widely professionally, which will help to create new bonds. An emotional family-based Full Moon on December 11th will also show you how loved you are. Speak up for tolerance and for your progressive values on December 13th when Mars trines Neptune and you witness injustice or unfairness. Your voice can and does make a difference.

    On December 15th when Jupiter trines Uranus, harness the energies of a group or a circle of new friends to take that difference further - teamwork can be inspirational just now, especially within your local community. On December 25th, the Solar Eclipse falls in your social zone, suggesting that someone special may be about to enter your life - a meaningful friend or a mentor. Bounce ideas around with friends, as many heads are needed now. As you look towards , this theme of friendship and collaboration continues.

    Look for an inspirational trine between Mercury and Uranus on December 30th, when genius flows and is captured with laughter. Even the strangest and weirdest of ideas have merit now. You start the New Year determined to expand your horizons, per astrology, with your ruler, Mars, taking up residence in your exploration zone, Aries. This is positive, inspiring energy - hold onto that inner optimist with all your might, because it will carry you safely through the trickier energies which are on the way.

    Monthly Horoscope

    The Lunar Eclipse on January 10 highlights a wound from your past which you haven't managed to forgive or forget. Let this go if possible, Aries, as it's holding you back. On January 12, the intense Saturn-Pluto conjunction highlights the ongoing tension between your career ambitions and your family life.

    Something has gotta give this year, but you can start right now by taking a close forensic look at your priorities. Be scrupulously honest about how much your job matters to you, both with your loved ones and yourself. Cut back on the socializing mid-month, as Venus encourages you to seek some privacy and head space to work things out.

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