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Saturn transits its own sign, Capricorn, throughout the year Saturn entered Capricorn on December 19th, , and will continue moving through its own sign until the year Saturn does very well in Capricorn, as its ruler, although it can be a somewhat insular, narrowly focused, and perhaps strict or stern influence.

Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces receive stabilizing energy.

Wondering what lies ahead in the second half of 2018? Find out your horoscope predictions here.

Aries, Cancer, and Libra may initially balk at what feels too restrictive. Capricorn gets a bit of both. Saturn will eventually meet up with Pluto in the sign, but not until ! Health issues in can be more frequently connected to the hips, thighs, arthritis, rheumatism, the spine and sciatic nerve, teeth, bones, fevers, and breathing abnormalities. Uranus more officially moves from Aries to Taurus in after a back-and-forth transition period last year.

It completes its journey of Aries on March 6, , when it enters Taurus for the long haul.

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The final eclipse in the Leo-Aquarius set occurs in January with a Lunar Eclipse in Leo, which serves as a final thrust towards balancing romance and friendship, individual and group efforts, as well as personal and impersonal expression. We need to pay more attention to our instincts, our deepest needs, and our feelings; and to recognize the importance of our family and our personal circle of friends and the security, sense of belonging, and safety we derive from them. While in both Venus and Mars were retrograde, is free of these apparent backward-moving cycles for these planets.

Of course, it has its usual Mercury retrograde cycles and the retrogrades of the outer planets, as well, but the absence of retro Venus and Mars cycles tends to leave us feeling a little freer and less blocked. Love and desire seems a little more straightforward than it did last year. The areas of our charts where we find Taurus can involve some shake-ups, new thinking and approaches, and radical changes in some cases. The areas of our charts where we find Capricorn involve some lessons and strengthening exercises, and they require simplifying and hard or smarter work.

The Sagittarius areas receive boosts and blessings. In the last few weeks of , Capricorn areas of our charts also thrive, and this feels particularly good since they have had in the past few years and to continue to have heavy energy with them.

In business in , as with all other areas, there are very different themes working concurrently. Jupiter encourages a spontaneous, courageous approach to business, while Saturn wants us to be conservative. While Jupiter asks us to grow, expand, and believe, Saturn asks us to simplify, test, and question. We should also be approaching money in an entirely new way as Uranus transits Taurus most of the year. We need to deal with money and personal possessions in new ways and learn how to free ourselves from certain material constraints.

Innovative ways to make ourselves comfortable emerge and can be an important business focus or trend.

Capricorn 12222 Horoscope

There can be abrupt changes with money, valuables, possessions, and income that lead to a reshuffling of priorities or values. Income might come from non-traditional sources or ventures. New ways of doing business, as well as making, viewing, and handling money are likely. Income and the energy we put into making money can be variable. Even so, we give others the benefit of the doubt during this transit, believing in one another more than usual.

Truth and justice are most important to us while Jupiter is in Sagittarius and this, combined with strict Saturn in Capricorn, suggests that we may be less tolerant of lies and deception in our relationships than usual during this cycle. We might consider exploring, traveling, and learning together to improve our connections.

Jupiter heads into the sign of Capricorn on December 2, , where it finds headliners, Saturn and Pluto, already settled in! While Jupiter is in Capricorn, we attract the most good fortune when we organize and direct, conduct ourselves with integrity, are ethical and mature. We need to take a disciplined, committed, step-by-step approach to the realization of our goals, and we enjoy getting organized and in control of our lives!

We have a strong need for concrete results as we close out Our attitude towards work and practical, realistic action is positive. Our judgment is prudent and mature, but we may lack the imagination or risk-taking attitude that allows us to innovate. We need to learn to be more flexible and tolerant of weaknesses. Jupiter is in its fall in the sign of Capricorn—in other words, it is not at its happiest, most expansive position in this Saturn-ruled sign.

This transit increases our commitment as we find more joy in taking charge of our lives.

Find Out What Your Horoscope Says About The Year 12222

Saturn fixes, balances, and gives us lessons whichever sign, house, or point it visits. Jupiter teaches too, but uses a far different approach, aiming to open us up and fill us with faith and courage to explore and discover. This is a critical degree — a turning point of sorts. Full Moons are at 0 degrees the first degree of the sign or at 29 degrees 30th degree until April — also critical degrees! All of these lunations will be explored more fully in This Week in Astrology. Falls in between Saturn and Pluto, so we could feel a little caged in, blocked, or stuck, as much as we want to start fresh.

A sextile to Neptune helps or serves as an alternative outlet.

Aquarius Horoscope 12222

In the first degree of Leo. The final eclipse in the Leo-Aquarius set — we release something and move on. It comes at the time of a Venus-Jupiter conjunction that makes this release especially sweet. In the first degree of Virgo.

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  • Trine Mars and Uranus. Aligned with Neptune quite tightly within a degree , sextile Saturn, sextile Mars, widely square Jupiter. This is the second Full Moon in Libra. The first one happened in the first degree of the sign on March 20th, and this one occurs in its last degree. The Sun is heading towards an alignment with Uranus in Taurus. Bowl pattern with Mars opposite Jupiter as its rim. This New Moon is trine Saturn and sextile Neptune. The Moon is with Pluto widely with Saturn. Venus is with the North Node. Mercury is retrograde. Aligned with Venus.

    Between Venus and Mars. Square Uranus. The Sun aligns with Mars and is between Venus and Mars again. A beautiful trine to Pluto. Gorgeous emotional discoveries are likely now. Very close square to Pluto. Wide square to Saturn. Issues of control or direction can crop up in our close relationships.

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    • Very close opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Intimate relationships need a new approach, and we can see this more clearly now. Sun aligned with retrograde Mercury. Sextile Saturn and Pluto, trine Neptune. This Full Moon is powerful for gaining perspective on a past matter, helping us start fresh through this new insight.

      Virgo Horoscope 12222 Month by Month

      Square Neptune. Mars trine Neptune is creative, visionary, and intuitive. However, Venus feels a little trapped.

      Aligned with Jupiter and trine Uranus. This New Moon sets the ball rolling for a brilliantly productive period ahead. Also available are the Horoscope Previews and Love Horoscopes. The year brings fabulous energy for both work and exploration, dear Aries. On the one hand, you have heavyweight planets pushing you to perform and accomplish this year and much of the next. It can be a time of quite a bit of hard work and recognition. Changes are necessary in the process, and while you can feel overtaxed and possibly pressured at times, these are improvements that will benefit you for years to come!

      On the other hand, you have Jupiter encouraging you to explore, discover, and enjoy life to its fullest. This means stepping out of the office or out of your comfort zone from time to time and making the most of your time away.

      Sagittarius Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

      Adventure, travel, and learning may be on the agenda now, and these can be immensely satisfying. Still another strong force this year is about your home and family or personal life. How will you manage all of these things? Uranus was in Aries since , pushing you to find yourself and assert your independence. Uranus moves into your resources sector and will stay there all the way until , and you now begin a phase in which you treat your money, business, and possessions quite differently. It can be a time of some upheaval and unpredictability, but also innovation and progress with these matters.

      Changes in these areas can free yourself up for an opportunity period with your work and health from the end of August through September. Whether money means freedom to you or freedom is about detachment from certain possessions, this is a time of an evolving relationship with your material affairs. The year can be an active and satisfying period for publishing, sharing your ideas, and learning new skills that will boost the upcoming career boon, starting in December and running through most of See also Aries Preview Horoscope.

      second half of the year horoscope Second half of the year horoscope
      second half of the year horoscope Second half of the year horoscope
      second half of the year horoscope Second half of the year horoscope
      second half of the year horoscope Second half of the year horoscope
      second half of the year horoscope Second half of the year horoscope
      second half of the year horoscope Second half of the year horoscope
      second half of the year horoscope Second half of the year horoscope
      second half of the year horoscope Second half of the year horoscope
      Second half of the year horoscope

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