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Sometimes we just have one or two burning questions that need answered to help us deal with a situation or gauge if this is the right time or not to take action. By constructing an astrological chart for the moment a question is asked, gives us insights into the results of taking a certain action. This is the most accurate form of astrology in our current age, because it does not require a client to have an accurate birth time, or even a birth chart at all although that can be helpful.

This course contains nearly 8 hours of video, using example charts and student interaction to delineate and explain the proper approach to begin practicing Prasna Astrology. In this class, we will learn the basic principles to begin answering questions using Prasna. It draws upon all of our knowledge of how to assess the horoscope, its avashtas, vargas, strengths and weaknesses. If we can read a birth chart , then we can begin to see when the karmas held within the horoscope will give their effects.

The goal of this course is demonstrate and explore how planetary positions, planetary dignity, the avashtas, transits and the divisional charts can all be woven together to see the tapestry of life unfolding into specific events. This is an advanced class.

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You can learn to read the map of the birth chart and thereby harness the trends of the cosmos. This book is based on a tutorial course, and is arranged to systematically introduce the most important variables necessary to understand a Vedic horoscope.

Topics Include:. This book is based on an advanced tutorial course and is systematically arranged to expand upon the important variables necessary in horoscope analysis. The subtler aspects of astrology are brought to light, enabling the astute student of Vedic Astrology to enlarge comprehension and predictive abilities.

Many potent, yet often neglected principles are explained in detail, such as the Lajjitaadi Avashtas. Contents Include:. Divine Time Astrology, P. The design, articles and images on this website represent the property of divinetimeastrology. All rights reserved.

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Reproduction by any means is not permitted without the express agreement of the website owner. Home Is This You? Audio Files on Flirting! Vedic Astrology: NEW! Will your planets and therefore those areas of your life represented by the planets be: 1 Ashamed by their Enemies or Rahu and Ketu 2 Starved 3 Delighted 4 Proud 5 Agitated by being too close to the Sun Then, you know why your experiences and those around you are the way they are, and you can deal with them appropriately.

Whether the question be on love, career, illness — or predicting the weather for a barbecue, this clear and comprehensive guide by a modern master of horary shows you how to answer it. The first edition of this book quickly established itself as a classic of astrological teaching.


Now this master of the craft shares his deepening understanding, bringing what he has learned in the intervening years of teaching and practice to clarify, expand upon, and correct the original text. With the wit and lucidity that characterizes his writing, the author guides all from beginners to seasoned practitioners to the very heart of horary astrology.

Vedic Astrology is known as Jyotish, relies more on the Sidereal according to the Stars positions of the Planets, just as one sees them in the Sky, against the positions assigned to few relatively fixed Stars. Vedic Astrology is an ancient Indian Science that focused on the understanding of planets movements, stars and their influence on the humans life. As DNA is individual, same the combination of mentioned previously subjects is individual by every person and reflects on his life.

Depending on when a Person is Born, the 12 Signs are distributed among the 12 Houses and 9 Planets are placed in Various Houses of birth charts.

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The Configurations of the Planets and Stars at the moment of birth, past karmas will predict and indicate the life of this person, strengths, weaknesses, bad and good things. There is no any magic or extra human powers to perform it.

It is a logical mathematical calculations. Everyone can be trained for that.

vedic astrology studies Vedic astrology studies
vedic astrology studies Vedic astrology studies
vedic astrology studies Vedic astrology studies
vedic astrology studies Vedic astrology studies
vedic astrology studies Vedic astrology studies
vedic astrology studies Vedic astrology studies

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