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They usualy marry late.

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Lucky stones : diamond , garnet , emerald , sapphire, topaz , chrysolite. Important years: 16, 21, 24, 30, 31, 33, 41, Virgo and Health Virgoans are the most complex group in terms of their health. Continually worrying that they suffer from every problem in the medical dictionary, they nevertheless sometimes appear magically immune to the diseases and infections all around them. Virgo's can lean towards hypochondria. Their frequent stomach aches stem from worry and their anxious nature can lead to stomach upsets. As work is very important to them they like to stay fit to avoid getting ill.

But they should be wary of working too much and learn to relax and sleep more. Most of their suffering can be alleviated by spending as much time as possible walking or cycling in the countryside. All Virgoans should abjure spicy foods and alcohol.

Virgo Kanya Rashi Compatible Peridot Stone Jewellery| Pendant & Earrings |Surat Diamond

Diseases: Bowel diseases, colic, diarrhoea, indigestion and dysentery. Body parts and organs: Abdominal organs, assimilation, large and small intestines. They pursue their responsibilities systematically with the utmost sincerity irrespective of what others say about them. One downside to their personality is being critical of others that trigger enmity and malice against them in others. Here are the lucky gemstones for the Virgo natives. Lucky Gemstones For Virgo Rashi. Read Post a comment.

Characters Remaining: Continue without login. Login from existing account Facebook Google Email. This gem gives a sense of inner peace and develops a positive attitude in the wearer.

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  • The Magnificent Blue Gem. In olden times, it was common for warriors to gift their wives a necklace made of Sapphire to ensure their fidelity.

    Birthstone for Virgo - Sapphire

    It was believed that the color of this gem would darken if worn by an unfaithful or unworthy person. Sapphire is the hardest substance after diamond and often used in industries as an abrasive. In Greece, the Sapphire was associated with Apollo, the God of Clairvoyance and Prophecy and often worn by those who sought His blessing and help when visiting Delphi.

    Virgo Facts

    Sapphire Gem: Sources and Types. The September birthstone was known since ancient times and called by similar names in different languages.

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    The Gorgeous September Birthstones. Sapphire is composed of corundrum, a type of Alumium Oxide.

    Depending on trace elements like iron, chromium, copper, titanium and magnesium, one or more which may get incorporated into this gem during the early stages of its formation, the Sapphire gets a variety of hues. Chromium imparts a pink or red tint to corundrum, the former known as pink Sapphire and the latter known as Ruby. This September birthstone is the hardest substance after diamond and is resistant to scratches and abrasions, its brilliant blue hue and toughness making it an ideal choice for a range of jewelry!

    While red corundrum is Ruby, any other color of corundrum falls in the category of Sapphire.

    Virgo Birthstone List...

    The celestial deep blue is the most coveted and popular color of Sapphire and even this occurs in a range of shades right from light blue to violetish blue. Other colors of Sapphire that occur naturally are yellow, purple, pink and green.

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    • Sri Lanka and Madagascar are the leading sources of Sapphire, both in quality and quantity. Formerly, Australia was the top producer of this gemstone.

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