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Could the bad memories be isolating you from the wonderful opportunities standing before you? You can use the power of your mind to block the blessings or send out positive intentions. Libra , free yourself from the past by rerouting your thoughts. Cosmic tip: Tap into the power of your subconscious mind to send out positive intentions. The destruction that is foretold today is of everything has been built on false beliefs. The foundation is being tested.

Be warned, the building is likely to come crumbling down. Breakdown or breakthrough? Only you can take a call on this, Scorpio. Pick up the pieces, pull your resources together, and turn this story around. You are surrounded by people who are caring and supportive, both at home and at work. Remember, the change began with you. The second you decided to become a team player, you ushered in the energy of love and harmony.

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Some of you may be considering giving your workspace a do-over. Keep the aesthetic clean, Sagittarius.

Aries (March 21 - April 20)

A potential partnership is on the cards. You could have stumbled upon a person who shares your vision, believes in your product, and wants the business to grow manifold. Those who are already working in twos will come to the realisation that they are invincible when they are working together.

Horoscope today: October 7, 12222

Keep going strong. This week requires you to do something that does not come very naturally to you—follow the rules and regulations. Do not deviate too much from the norm. Consulting your team members as and when required is a good way to get out of that rut.

Aries Horoscope Today: June 20, 12222

Cosmic tip: Stick to what you know. There will be plenty of time to experiment later. Pay attention to the pathways that are opening up for you. School of rocks. Slow and steady, who? The complacency and self-negating patterns that once held you back no longer have power over you. Libra , you may be in the mood to slip out for a mid-afternoon delight.

Spoiler alert: so is bae. Pisces , have you found comfort in your rage and despair? Be aware of the unhealthy emotions you are holding onto and how they are keeping you from finding bliss. Self-care is not just about sneaking in a blow-dry at lunch or making it for your spa appointment once a month. Remember, saying yes to yourself sometimes requires you to say no to the world.

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When it comes to your relationships, you are understanding the importance of interdependence. Learning to be self-reliant in every way promises to change your equation with the world. While things on the professional front are looking up for you, matters at home may become a cause of distress.

Instead, make a conscious effort to sit down with the family and resolve matters. Yes, despite your resistance. Gemini , you are a reservoir of wonderful ideas.

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  7. It's time to give them a concrete form through clarity of thought. Spend some time today building on an idea with major potential.

    Evaluate it from every possible angle and then start laying down its foundation. With the right strategy, you'll be ready to hit the jackpot. You're more of a fast and furious girl, one who is determined to win the race at all costs. Your 'go forth and conquer' attitude is not only setting things in motion but also opening doors that have been closed. Stop and smell the roses. Or not.

    There will be plenty of time to do all that and more once you hit the finish line. Two words: creative destruction. This phase of your life is making you aware of the clutter you have been lugging around, and the negative beliefs that no longer fit in the new narrative. Let the truth help you journey back to yourself.

    Aries horoscope today

    You are in the process of becoming the boldest, most empowered version of yourself. Virgo , you are that rare and precious soul who brings the qualities of love, kindness, and compassion into the workspace. But how much is too much and where does one draw the line?

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